Yuchuan Zhang

Yuchuan Zhang LEED AP BD+C

Urban Designer


As an architecture student, Yuchuan realized the importance of the interdependence between buildings and their surroundings, which inspired her to pursue a Master’s degree in Urban Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design. She believes that a great design must have clear and strong ideas to be understood by the public.

Born and raised in Shanghai, Yuchuan was witness to twenty years of some of the fastest urban development in the 21st century. She was particularly struck by the conflicts between old and new buildings as well as the elimination of public open space in favor of urban expansion. As a result, she emphasizes public open space design and treats space between buildings as an important element of her architectural projects.

Yuchuan considers herself an urban designer first, even though she earned her Bachelor’s in Architecture. She is particularly interested in communication and collaboration between different stakeholders such as designers and public end-users. One of her interests is exploring interactive new techniques to convey designers’ ideas and to encourage public participation in the design process.