Cody King

Cody King

Shop Manager/ Fabrication Consultant


Cody has always enjoyed fabrication - making things - to understand how they worked or could be better, and constantly asked for craft kits and Legos as a child. When the first 3D printing technologies became available to consumers, he was one of the first adopters, driven by a desire to see what he could do with it. Now, at Page, Cody's colleagues look to him to help develop unique design elements for projects.

Since he is passionate about bringing ideas to life and creating things that delight and inspire people, attending the University of Houston School of Architecture was an appropriate fit. There, he spent three years in the makerspace on campus where he honed skills in woodshop, CNC milling, 3D printing, and laser cutting to the benefit of the academic community and fellow students.

This experience gave Cody a deeper insight into design, architecture, and the roles fabrication and construction play in realizing visions. Being able to see a problem and effectively solve it through applied design only enhanced his passion and appreciation for the new technologies and tools available today.

He graduated with a number of reasons to be proud: high honors, university honors, accreditation, free of debt and a semester early. Cody then accepted an offer of full-time employment at Page where he had been interning. He promises that even though he is now spending some well-earned free time on hobbies like rock climbing, he will always be "tinkering and looking into how to improve all sorts of things, from society, to myself, to the kitchen sink.”