Amro F. Alansari

Amro F. Alansari AIA

Vice President / Managing Director, Middle East Services


Amro Alansari is an international architect, licensed to practice in both the United States and United Arab Emirates. He combines nearly three decades of experience in the U.S., the Middle East and Africa on a variety of complex, large-scale projects across multiple market sectors.

In 1989, Amro moved to the U.S. from Kuwait to pursue his higher education in architecture. “It was my childhood dream to become an architect. I enjoyed art classes in school and creating colorful drawings.” After obtaining his graduate degree in architecture and practicing in the U.S. for 14 years, he decided to move back to the Middle East in 2005, settling in Dubai.

Of his decision, Amro explains, “I was always interested in pursuing international opportunities while working for U.S. firms. It was a perfect time as it was the start of an architectural boom in the Middle East designing and constructing mega-scale projects and building cities in the middle of the desert.”