Özge Güleç İnal

Özge Güleç İnal

Senior Associate / Design


Özge Güleç İnal considers herself an interdisciplinary designer. Design has always been her passion. She started with sketching fashion models in her teenage years, and her interests evolved into industrial design and ultimately architecture. She received her undergraduate degree in architecture from Middle East Technical University (METU)—the top architecture school in Turkey. After graduating from METU, she continued her passion across the Atlantic and got her Master of Architecture from Rice University.

“I believe our tastes and what we create are heavily influenced by who we are,” she says. “And we are shaped by not only our heritage but also the culture in which we live in. I feel very lucky to have a multicultural background, and I am thrilled to offer a different perspective to my colleagues and our clients”.

While she enjoys her profession, she is attracted to any field that has a “design” tag, whether it is graphic, interior or urban design. She has an honorable mention and a first place under her belt for urban design competitions and she has designed various graphics for non-profit organizations.

As a seasoned Page employee, Özge leads the design efforts of many projects and as a multifaceted designer, she can embrace all project sizes and types. Her creative work includes high-end residential, corporate commercial, science and technology, healthcare and education

As collaborative and positive in nature, her best days at work are the ones when she gets to engage with her team, consultants and clients. “I love meeting new people," she says. Özge is known to establish good and long-lasting client relations.

Until her recent move to Dallas from Houston, she also served on juries at University of Houston School of Architecture.