Zoning Changes are Approved for Chimney Hill Development

The College Station city council has approved rezoning the Chimney Hill shopping center, which will be transformed into a $40 million dollar complex of retail, housing, and commercial uses. Developed by PM Realty Group and designed by Page, the proposed project will retain mostly ground-floor commercial uses while allowing for residential in the northeast corner of the site and on the upper floors of the main building. Page Principal and lead designer Dave Quenemoen addressed the council and described some of the initial design concepts.

Dave stated that the heart of the project is the central plaza, which will be a public green space for all of College Station. The plaza will offer various outdoor seating options, a pavilion for concerts and outdoor events, landscaped areas and will be a focal point for the whole community. At each end restaurant anchors will provide outdoor seating areas that will reach out to the plaza. The entire development will provide a great pedestrian experience with shopping and a multifamily residential property.

The concept plan proposes to demolish the existing buildings and construct a vertical mixed-use building and four one-story buildings that orient toward an interior plaza. A parking garage will be attached to the vertical mixed-use building.

When the council approved selling the property last December, closing was anticipated in June and completing construction in March of 2017.

To hear Dave's presentation to the council, please click on the article below,

"CS Council Approves Zoning Changes for New Chimney Hill Development." WTAW.com