Using Architecture to Solve Political Challenges

Sometimes a client may commission an architectural design that ends up not getting built due to lack of budget or municipal approval. Sometimes an architect may have a vision for a future opportunity that can best be shared through a design. However, the architecture industry still wants to shine a light on the best of these through Unbuilt Awards, and Page Associate Principal Ricardo Muñoz just won one.

His design, Healing Rift, was inspired by the current controversies around international borders and infrastructure at those locations. Ricardo was inspired by the geological phenomena of cenotes, which are deep limestone sinkholes, and fissures. He envisioned them serving as calibrations of form and space between the two countries.

To see and better understand Ricardo's vision of how a man-made intervention could actually serve as a community gathering space for citizens of neighboring countries, click through the above gallery of images and recall how natural geographical features have served to politicize architecture elsewhere, such as Robben Island.

The award was bestowed by the AIA Dallas Chapter as part of their annual Design Awards competition. To see Ricardo's winning entry Healing Rift as well as others, click here