Touring A Page Project: New Metro Regional Operations Center

One way for an architecture firm to share its work is to coordinate project tours. Page often volunteers its project designers and managers to lead tours as a way to share our expertise and lessons learned with our industry and others.

This weekend, our new Quarry Run Regional Operations Center will be a highlight of the NENA 2017 (National Emergency Number Association) Conference. The project is distinctive for its integrated architectural and engineering design as well as its ability to serve the multiple first-responder departments in surrounding municipalities and counties for which it was commissioned.

While many Page projects are inaccessible or limited to the general public due to their nature, a recently-opened visitor destination has been drawing global media attention for its distinctiveness. Visitors to The Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park only need to make reservations on the park’s website before touring one of the most powerful and memorable industrial structures ever built in the U.S. that has now been adapted to ensure comfort. 

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