Tips for Rebranding Your Firm

Rebranding a firm is a relatively common business practice for multiple reasons. Architect Magazine decided to explore the topic within the architecture industry and spotlighted three firms they felt had done a remarkable job, including Page.

Founded in 1898 and known for decades as Page Southerland Page, then more recently PageSoutherlandPage, the firm decided to be even more succinct. In 2013, they announced "a new name for a new day", Page, to reflect a transition to an employee-owned firm and a structural reorganization. 

As Senior Principal Larry Speck pointed out to Architect Magazine, "If we had just made a business change without rebranding, people would have been a little more reticent to alter the roles they had been playing.” 

The rebrand opened possibilities from an internal operational perspective, greatly enlarged Page's identity and increased the knowledge stakeholders have of the firm. It included a new vision, visual identity, website and suite of printed collateral. 

Herman Dyal and Larry Paul Fuller served as consultants on the rebrand, working closely with an internal team to define objectives and select colors, fonts, papers and even styles of writing to reflect leadership's vision. Today, Herman is co-leader of the Page Branding & Graphics studio. 

The other two firms featured in the article are FXCollaborative and Williams + Paddon. To read more examples of rebranding best practices, click here