Testing The Waters: Update on Buffalo Bayou Park

Cars, buildings and entire landmarks were finally revealed as the last of the flood waters drained from Houston’s roads and freeways after a historic rain system inundated the South. When the city tallied the amount of destruction left behind, there was one site we hoped wouldn’t be included on that list – Buffalo Bayou Park. Numerous entities have diligently worked on this landmark renovation project to have it ready for its public grand opening ceremony in three weeks. We are very relieved the non-profit client Buffalo Bayou Partnership shared that although the park experienced heavy flooding, it didn’t sustain major damage and none of the Page-designed structures were flooded or damaged.

The buildings are sited above the flood plain, with the exception of the lower level of the Lost Lake Building, which was designed to take on water. Approximately five to six feet of water filled the bottom level of the building, which can be seen in the above gallery images. No landscaping was lost in the park other than a few trees that were knocked over. “The project held up amazingly well. Pretty much everything in the project was designed to go under water, so this was a good (although unwelcome) test,” Page Senior Associate and project manager Melanie Starman Bash stated.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “The bayou reached its sixth-highest crest during this week's storms, at 33.7 feet, according to data from the National Weather Service's flood warning system in the bayou at Shepherd Drive, the western edge of the park.” Although damage was mitigated by design, the grand opening is now delayed until the fall to allow time for cleanup efforts and completion of the project.

You can read the latest news about Buffalo Bayou Park on their website