Renovations Turn Buffalo Bayou Park into Good Time Destination

Buffalo Bayou Park is a $58 million project to revitalize the area into a major destination for Houston. Page is excited to be a part of the transformation, which includes the construction of two buildings and two large pavilions.

The Lost Lake building features a visitor center, private event and dining space, along with canoe and kayak rentals. The Water Works Building frames an important plaza that acts as a gateway to the park. It also offers a visitor center, recreational activities and outdoor event space for music and dancing.

One of the most interesting features is the recently re-discovered "Cistern,” a reservoir which had been unused for decades. This space will be used for future art installations.

The 160 acre park also offers hike and bike trails, a dog park, play area, outdoor venues, and visitor areas. The grand opening for the Buffalo Bayou Park is Saturday, October 3.

You can read the full article at the CW39 Newsfix website. View the Buffalo Bayou Park page for more details about the project.

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