Page Principal Daniel Brooks On Downtown Austin

Page Principal Daniel Brooks recently participated on a Bisnow panel discussion focused on downtown Austin. Due to the continued growth and real estate pressures, the district continues to be extremely attractive to both businesses and residents. Large companies like Google, Oracle and Facebook have all joined in the growing trend of large corporations setting up shop in the area.

“The boundary of what is considered downtown continues to evolve and grow at an amazing pace,” noted Daniel.  “The epicenter used to be considered 6th Street and Congress Avenue 30 years ago, but dramatic urban development has transformed other areas recently, pushing the perceived boundary to areas like the Dell Medical School district to the northeast and Rainey Street to the south.

"The revitalization of the 2nd Street District is a great example of this, going from one block of mixed use to a thriving swath that connects Seaholm, the new Central Library, Greenwater Development all the way to the Convention Center – all in just the last ten years. The people that companies want to hire want to be here, and so companies want to be here, in downtown.” 

The panel focused on growth and specifically noted the role parks can continue to play in Austin’s culture as Waller Creek’s redevelopment continues to evolve. Challenges identified by the panelists included the development of more infrastructure, notably transportation alternatives, as well as parking, available land and the spiking labor and construction costs. 

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