Page Multifamily Project Certified LEED® Platinum; Awarded AEGB 1 Star Rating

Page is very pleased that one of our Housing / Hospitality projects has been certified LEED® Platinum and awarded an AEGB 1 star rating. The Mueller Multifamily Residences, an AMLI property consisting of 279 units in a mixed-use community located in East Austin’s 700-acre Mueller Redevelopment were designed with these standards in mind. This achievement continues the regional trend of emphasis on sustainable design.

The LEED rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), has been an industry standard for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. It is the most nationally-recognized program for green building. A multifamily community can only achieve certification under the LEED for Homes program after undergoing a technically rigorous process, including the incorporation of green strategies to achieve resource use efficiency and healthy indoor environments. According to USGBC, Texas is one of the Top 10 states in the United States for LEED-certified spaces.

LEED certification is awarded for implementing practical solutions geared towards achieving high performance in: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. AMLI’s new apartment homes use 12% less energy and 16-25% less water than a conventional apartment (and far less than any comparable single-family home) and feature eco-friendly building materials that improve indoor air quality while using fewer natural resources.

Page designed the units at the Mueller Multifamily Residences to be constructed with energy-efficient plumbing, appliances, electrical fixtures, HVAC and individual programmable thermostats. Outdoors, xeriscaping with drought-tolerant planting reduces water usage as do variable speed pool circulation systems and timers on fountains. Energy-efficient exterior lighting is also part of the client's efforts to reduce the impact on the environment. Additionally, the buildings were designed so that units face primarily north and south thereby avoiding the harsh western sun. The incorporation of two internal courtyards helped to create micro-climates adjacent to courtyard units - reducing heating and cooling loads within. In addition to extensive daylighting that facing units enjoy, the shared views of the courtyards enhance the sense of community.

In a similar green acknowledgement, the community achieved an Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) Green Building rating of one star from the nation’s most successful sustainable building program. AEGB’s mission is to lead the transformation of the building industry to a sustainable future by encouraging Central Texas to design and construct more sustainable homes and buildings. Developing and maintaining an Austin-specific rating system provides flexibility to carry out Austin’s aggressive climate protection goals. AEGB uses these ratings to pave the way for energy and building code changes that will reduce building energy use.

“With each new LEED-certified building, we get one step closer to USGBC’s vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation,” said Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and founding chair, USGBC. “As the newest member of the LEED family of green buildings, The Mueller Multifamily Residences are an important addition to the growing strength of the green building movement.”

This five-story, 230,000 square foot multifamily residential project is a cornerstone of the 700-acre Mueller mixed-use live/work/play development in east-central Austin. Situated along the shores of picturesque Lake Park, which features over 13 miles of hike and bike trails, the complex was designed as both a bold backdrop for the park and a portal to the central commercial district within the development. As such, the building is composed of a series of brightly colored volumes that vary in height and depth, lending a sense of scale and vibrancy to the park perimeter that is visible from a nearby thoroughfare. The occupants of the Mueller multifamily residences themselves appreciate the project siting and orientation which provides views of Lake Park and downtown Austin beyond from their units.