Page Honored for Transformational Effect on Downtown Austin

At Page, our goal is to create design that improves the way people live. The 2nd Street District in Austin, which Page planned, has become a popular destination as well as a great neighborhood in which to live. The confluence of residential, hospitality, retail, commercial and civic structures, some of which Page designed, gives the 2nd Street District a strong, urban character that has had a positive impact on the revitalization of downtown Austin. We were honored to be part of the project team that received the Influence Award for the 2nd Street District at the 2015 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Austin Impact Awards.

ULI recognized award winners not only for their appealing design, but also for demonstrating leadership in the industry and contributing to the community through innovation, environmentally safe practices and financial viability. The Influence Award is given to projects that create a lasting, positive effect on the surrounding community.

The 2nd Street District was the transformational project that kicked off the rapid revitalization in downtown Austin, influencing the development of a new hotel, four high-rise condos, a new office and a central library—all within three blocks. The greatest evidence reflecting the benefits of the district are seen within the extraordinary success of the combined elements, including the vital, lively street scene.

As the first comprehensive multi-block mixed-use project in Austin, the project had to satisfy the interests of a diverse group of stakeholders that included the City of Austin, real estate developers, corporate occupants, residents and retailers. The Page project team members see the effects of these benefits first-hand every day because the firm’s Austin office occupies commercial space in the 2nd Street District and some of its employees live in the community.