Page Expands Value Chain Offering To Clients

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new consulting service, Branding & Graphics, which will be supported through the acquisition of Dyal and Partners, an award-winning visual identity and experiential design firm. This move will allow Page to formally offer services previously only provided to select clients and to expand Dyal’s consulting services to a wider range of clients across multiple industries around the world.

The new consultancy will be known as Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company. Herman Dyal, FAIA, Principal and Branding & Graphics Director, brings an architectural perspective to this design practice. The team will provide architectural and placemaking visioning during the conceptual phase of built projects to help clients hone in on the possibilities, character and nature of the project. 

Carla Fraser, MPA, Principal and Branding & Graphics Director, brings brand strategy and cultural change management expertise. The Branding & Graphics service team also designs identities, brands, wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, retail design, and themed or branded spaces across a wide range of client industries from corporations to museums to non-profits to architecture firms. 

Page’s consulting business model fully supports Dyal Branding & Graphics in continuing to provide service to existing and new clients in the same manner they have for the past six years. Page supports all of its consulting groups in working with other multidisciplinary architecture and engineering firms without conflict of interest. 

This will enable Dyal Branding & Graphics to offer its clients enhanced service through additional staff and resources. The new group also will implement a strategy to expand the scope of work offered to both national and international clients. 

Employees of Dyal Branding & Graphics will be located at Page offices. By increasing their presence to a larger geographic region Dyal will be able to provide more hands-on engagement with clients and projects. The collaboration between Dyal and Page employees will be seamless, as the two firms are longtime project partners. Dyal designed and developed the current Page identity in 2013 and the firms have collaborated as well as on experiential graphics projects such as the Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) East Infill project, Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and numerous University of Texas projects.  

A key project in the Dyal portfolio is The Mosaic District, a LEED Silver certified urban neighborhood development located outside Washington D.C. Dyal was part of the project team from the beginning and is listed as the Design Architect for both of its International Council of Shopping Centers awards, Gold Design and Gold Sustainable Design. In addition to the visual identity which included branding, graphic design and wayfinding, Dyal provided the client with original architectural visioning and the overall design vocabulary before the project architects were selected. 

Their work on the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas, on which Page is serving as design architect for select facilities, is a very clear example of branding and graphics that extend into the built environment, and beyond. The new Dell Medical School identity fits within the larger University of Texas identity, also a Dyal product, and includes an awareness campaign, digital and print applications, donor recognition, building identification, signage,  digital  wayfinding, and storytelling in the environment. 

Both Page and Dyal look forward to offering their newly extended resources to clients. The expanded Page value chain will increase the firm’s competitiveness in the industry, and both firms will benefit from increased awareness among each other’s client bases.  

We welcome our new colleagues Herman Dyal, Carla Fraser and their team leads, Lon Calvert, Molly Dyal, Roy Watson and Jason Wilkins. To learn more about Dyal, A Page Company, visit