Page Employee Wins Industry Recognition for Design

Page not only has talented, experienced architects but talented, budding architects as well! Our architectural intern Mike Reilly has received industry recognition for both his design and project model for the Point Lobos Dive Center.

Point Lobos is a State of California Natural Reserve near Monterrey that offers scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. It has been a destination since Portuguese whalers from the Azore Islands arrived at Point Lobos in 1861 and set up living quarters there. Today, Point Lobos is under the care of a non-profit foundation with a mission is to advance visitors’ enjoyment and understanding, protect its natural environment and strengthen the area network of coastal California State Parks.

"The Point Lobos Dive Center explores the relationship of building and context by occupying the unique moment where land meets sea. From a static point in space, guests are continually immersed in both the multisensory qualities of the site and its intimate relationship with the surrounding environment," Mike explains of his award-winning design. His architectural model can be viewed in the above image gallery. 

The American Institute of Architects Colorado Chapter presented 21 awards and honors during the 2014 Young Architects Award Gala at OZ Architecture in Denver. Entries were submitted by firms, designers, students and young architects (licensed 10 years or less) from all parts of Colorado. They were judged by a jury of architects and community leaders, who selected Mike's model in the Architectural Craftsmanship category. 

Additionally, his design of the Point Lobos Dive Center received the John Anderson Award from the University of Colorado, Denver and AIA Colorado following the Fall 2013 semester. 

Congratulations, Mike!


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Michael Reilly and Mountain States Construction