Office Designers Discuss Workplace's 'Human Element'

When Page Interior Design Director Marissa Yu goes to work each day, she passes a Starbucks in the lobby of her downtown skyscraper and sees the same people sitting at the same tables having meetings or working on their computers. "They don't have physical offices. Their office is Starbucks," she said during a panel discussion on changing workplace dynamics.

The Houston Chronicle reported on the discussion, which was part of a series of conversations being held around the country with Metropolis magazine, a national publication that examines contemporary life through design, architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation.

Metropolis editor Susan Szenasy served as moderator, asking five workplace design experts from Page to describe their approach. She also solicited input from the audience, which consisted of architects, designers, consultants, clients, users and service providers. 

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Nancy Sarnoff, Houston Chronicle