Jen Bussinger in the News

Page Interior Design Director Jen Bussinger and her projects are making headlines. She has been highlighted for her thoughts on design process and the importance of interior design. Jen's important work at the new National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) headquarters was picked up by the national press.

The Austin Business Journal recently identified Jen as a “Modern shapeshifter” and a photograph of The Hotline's beauitfuly digitally fabricated Link Screen appeared in The Atlantic’s photo of the week feature. The Hotline’s new space was also covered by Time Warner News.

As noted in the ABJ interview, Jen believes that design makes lives better. “I love workplace strategy," says Jen. “We spend so much of our lives in our work environment and being a part of creating that environment is very exciting to me.” She emphasizes that interior design is more than applying finishes. For Jen, designers must have vision. “The ability to see the broad picture and the ability to dive deep into the details is so important,” she says. Her vision for each project is unique and she stresses that the design process begins with listening to the client. “Listening is critical,” she says.

Projects such as The Hotline illustrate Jen’s careful attention to clients’ needs. The Hotline provides lifesaving support, resources and hope to victims and survivors of domestic violence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Jen and her team designed The Hotline’s new home to provide invaluable space for mental and physical comfort for those working to answer the calls. Staff members are now able to walk while they speak to victims and survivors; difficult conversations can occur in designated private areas facing a grove of trees. Outlets for staff members to recharge, decompress and relieve stress include the sun-light-flooded break room, two intension spaces for people to leave thoughts or prayers, wellness rooms inspired by meditation rooms and a gym with showers.

For Jen, who was recently promoted to Associate Principal at Page, the design process is collaborative and iterative. “Give yourself just enough time to keep yourself moving forward, but long enough to contemplate options,” she recommends. “In doing so you will create a long lasting solution.” Jen’s vision is shaping the Page interior design team and its positive impact on its clients and their communities.