HISD Board of Education approves renaming of High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

The High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice is being renamed. The new name will be put in place when the new building, designed by Page architects in collaboration with DLR, is finished in 2016. Continue reading to see what HISD has to say about this high school's transformation.

The HISD Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to rename the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice to the High School for Law and Justice. According to Principal Carol Mosteit, the change will better reflect the school’s mission and provides a positive connotation for the school.

“This new name will help prospective students and parents understand the broadness of our magnet program. We offer a wide range of studies that span the law and justice field – much more than just the enforcement of laws.” said Mosteit. “The change goes into effect during the 2016–2017 school year, just as we are moving into our new facility.”

A new school is being constructed just outside of downtown as part of the district’s 2012 bond program. The location is along Scott Street between Pease and Coyle Street near Interstate 45. The building will be in close proximity to the Houston Police Department’s South Central station, which can serve as a resource to students in the magnet school’s criminal justice program. Plans include a courtroom and law library in the center building.

The preliminary site plans show the 104,866-square-foot building organized with a courtroom on the ground floor along with administrative offices, student dining areas and the gym. Learning neighborhoods for criminal justice, legal studies, and emergency communications will be located on the building’s second and third floors and will connect via learning bridges that overlook student common areas.

The board did not vote on new boundaries for HISD’s nine trustee districts during the meeting. That item will be reviewed during the September board meeting.

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