Good to Great: Quick Leadership Tips

There are volumes of books written about leadership. At IFMA’s World Workplace in October 2013, Page's Pete Winters teamed with Mary Gauer of the University of New Mexico to provide an overview of leadership characteristics.

Put Others and the Organization First:  Your word is your commitment!

Listen With Humility:   It isn’t all about “me!”

Show Loyalty and Support to Others and the Organization:   Never throw anyone under the bus!

Do the Really Tough Work:  You can’t be great at anything unless you invest an incredible amount of focused effort.

Focus on Others’ Successes:  Other people’s successes are more important than your own.

Inspire to Be Great:  When I grow up I want to be just like you!

Be a Great Coach and Mentor:  Everyone on the team is as important!

Contributed By

Pete Winters, FAIA, CFM, IFMA Fellow