From Locksmith To Future Mechanical Engineer

Bar David was working as an on-call locksmith to help pay for his college tuition as a student double majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science when he first met Page Associate Principal Pete Winters. “I had been working all morning, and my drill battery was low, so I started a conversation with Pete. When I realized he worked for an architectural and engineering firm, I was even more set on making a good impression,” he said. Well, it was a success because now he is a Page mechanical engineering intern in our Dallas office.

Bar was born in Israel and moved to the United States as a child with his family. They always taught him “if you could imagine it, and you believe in it, you can make it happen,” so it’s no surprise that his biggest influence is his imagination. “Imagination is my drive, it makes me push myself past my limits,” Bar said.

He was able to utilize that creativity at a young age when he joined a robotics program and competition in junior high school. It was then that he became interested in mechanical engineering. “Although we didn’t win the competition, we had a lot of fun. Building together as a team and having our invention out there was more valuable to us than any trophy.”

“One thing I love about Page is how all the core values are visible day to day. There’s a mentality that we’re all one team - we’re all Page,” Bar said. The Page offices are open office environments, which allows multiples teams to interact with one another. “This enhances my day to day, because it gives me opportunities to collaborate and learn from different departments.”

Bar’s goal is to use his creativity to fix real world problems, and he hopes to obtain as much knowledge and experience in the field as he can during his internship. “I like the idea of being able to go to Austin 10 years from now and point to a building and say, I helped build that.”

When Bar isn’t busy at the office or studying for school, you can find him at a festival, rock climbing, sky diving or reading. He also practices carpentry work with his roommates from renovating their kitchen to building a patio.

Welcome to Page, Bar! We’re very glad you’re here.

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Bar David