Finding Buffalo Bayou's Lost Lake

Urban and civic projects capture communities' attention from their very inception and Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park is no exception. The revitalization of the 2.3-mile, 160-acre park focuses on “passive” recreation and newly-designed destination points, such as Lost Lake. Page is the architect of The Dunlavy, which occupies a ridge above the lake and will house a counter service restaurant, serve as a special events venue and host the park visitor center.

Swamplot, a local real estate blog with a national following, has published an update on the construction progress of The Dunlavy and Lost Lake. While the building was designed to take on water during a high-volume rainfall, the lake also has a feature called a bell-mouth spillway that diverts overflow water. The best part of the photographs - in addition to the beauty of the building - is the humorous sight of ladder tips peeking out from the spillway.

Buffalo Bayou Park is open for recreational biking and jogging today, as are its dog parks. There will be a grand opening celebration of the entire project on Saturday, October 3, 2015. 

To see the Swamplot post about The Dunlavy with all the related images, click here

Photos courtesy of BSStudios and Casa Estrella.

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