Embassy Project Team Wins AGC of America Award

Thomas McCarthy, Page Senior Principal, represented Page at the AGC (Associated General Contractors) of America awards event in San Antonio on behalf of a project that turned out very differently than expected. The US Embassy Office Annex, Abuja, Nigeria, ended up winning an Alliant Build America Award in the International category, which acknowledges it as among the nation's most impressive construction projects.

B.L. Harbert International is the contractor that led the winning project team on which Page served as the lead Architect of Record. AECOM developed the bridging design for the project. Initially designed in 2006, construction of the embassy annex by another contractor was halted in 2009, leaving the structural shell only partially completed.

Afterward, program requirements changed drastically and B.L. Harbert was brought in. The design and construction of the annex ultimately included significant additions such as a four-story new office annex, a five-story parking garage and a two-story Marine Security Guard Quarters. Through careful planning and execution, the US Embassy Office Annex achieved substantial completion three months ahead of schedule and within budget. 

sus·tain·a·ble de·vel·op·ment /noun/ Economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources; can result in resource enhancement.

According to Peter Arkley, Senior Managing Director of Alliant Insurance Services, "AGC of America Awards recognize the highest achievement in construction for state-of-the-art advancement, outstanding project management and innovatiove construction techniques. Recipients are building a better world and improving our quality of life." 

Other members of the project team include Hankins & Anderson, lead engineer, with Cervantes and Associates, civil engineers; Ehlert/Bryan, structural engineers; Hinman Consulting Engineers, blast engineering, and Schnabel Engineering, geotechnical engineers; and AST Cowen design group and landscape designers. 

Page is honored to continuously collaborate with B.L. Harbert International, with whom we've won numerous awards.