Design That Makes A Difference: Healthcare for the Homeless

A Page project that turned into a community labor of love has gained the attention of a prominent design publication, OffCite. When Page set out to provide health, hope and dignity to the homeless of Houston by designing a new healthcare center to meet their specific needs, others rallied to the cause. Third-party team members, vendors and local A/E/C industry members donated furnishings, construction materials and services to help Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston (HHH) realize its vision on a limited budget.

The article in OffCite examined how statistics related to chronic homelessness in Houston have changed in recent years and how the new facility meets the needs of this underserved community. Members of the project team explain how design decisions were made and their resulting impact. It seems to be a success for both HHH and their end audience, as explained by the CEO, Frances Isbell:

“A young man came in,” says Isbell, “and I just happened to meet him on the stairs. He said, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I want to tell you that what you’re doing here is amazing.’ He took my hand. ‘This is so beautiful,’ he said. ‘And it’s just for us.'”

To read the OffCite article by Allyn West in full and to view the supporting images, click here