Cover Story: 'Metro Security' in Security Today

The cover story of the February issue of Security Today explains how Bexar County in Texas is using "best of breed" security systems in its recently-opened emergency operations center. The Quarry Run Regional Center is unique among first-responders facilities in the United States in that it supports the county sheriff, municipal police and fire departments as well as surrounding counties with emergency operations, a public safety answering point (PSAP), and administrative functions.

Security Today interviewed Freddy Padilla, Page Principal and MEP Engineering Director, about the project which was designed with integrated architecture and engineering systems. The electrical system meets Tier IV data center standards for maintaining operations regardless of any unplanned activity, and the mechanical system meets Tier III standards. Because the building is under a tight security system inside and out, it was also important that redundant systems were in place, as well as uninterrupted power. The facility’s redundancy ensures its resiliency as does the hardened area which was designed to meet superior mission critical demands with construction intended to withstand level three Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF) wind and ballistic impacts.

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