Co-Working: A Growing Trend

A Page project was just identified by Dwell Magazine as one of its six favorite co-working spaces around the world. TechSpace, a national company that provides full-service office space facilities, co-working spaces and infrastructure to “solopreneurs”, small and mid-size companies, has received attention for their Austin location since it opened in 2016. Other Page spaces designed for co-working also have received media attention.

Three recent projects include:

  1. TechSpace, lauded by Dwell for its "professional outdoorsy" aesthetic, which define the local attitude. The Page team identified three elements that would link the design to its new locale: the city’s love for the outdoors, its longstanding reputation as a tech and innovation hub and its growing art scene. They also  were very important to the design team’s efforts to establish a tangible connection to Austin and to TechSpace’s other locations.
  2. Health Wildcatters, a mentor-driven seed accelerator focused on supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs who are innovating the healthcare industry worldwide. The multi-purpose Page-designed space is located in close proximity to the Dallas Medical District. It contains high-energy, whimsical elements that encourage creativity and different types of collaboration while remaining a professional environment. 
  3. Historic Esperson Building, whose interior renovation connected a 1927 building with an adjacent 1941 annex and revived the interiors. Page designed a new space that bridges an art deco lobby on one side, a neoclassical lobby on the other and also serves as a new point of entry for direct pedestrian access to the retail and culinary spaces in the underground tunnel. One of the first new tenants to announce its intent to take up over 30,000 square feet on two levels was another national co-working company.

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