Breaking Ground On Improved Brain Health

The University of Texas at Dallas is transforming the way people think about brain health and treat related issues. This week, ground will be broken on their new The Center for BrainHealth’s Brain Performance Institute, which Page designed to house the center's research and programs for patients. The Dallas Morning News noted its wraparound glass facade, meant to evoke the brain’s frontal lobes, in their feature article.

The layout of the building was inspired by the brain itself. Larry Speck, Page Senior Principal and lead designer on the Page project team, describes the design goal as “aimed at generating an inspiring and welcoming place for people to come for a truly life enhancing experience.” To see the design for the new center, click on the below video.

The 62,000-square-foot facility includes a variety of amenities to meet the needs of BPI’s varied participants, who range from athletes with repetitive head injuries, adolescents with ADHD, and seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. Greenspaces and interactive zones will help in both healing and reactivation. Training spaces, classrooms, internet cafes, and a variety of touch-down work spaces accommodate patients, family members and visitors. 

One key component is the Warrior Lounge, designed with valuable input from many veterans being treated for traumatic brain injuries, and their families. Other unique elements include a Virtual Reality lab and Telepresence Room which will allow interactive training sessions to be broadcast world-wide. Cutting-edge transformative research will be generated within the functional MRI clinic which can be directly applied in the training programs.

The Brain Performance Institute is scheduled to open in the spring of 2017. To read the full article in the Dallas Morning News Sunday edition explaining its objectives and services, click here