Brainstorming Better Mental Health

Dr. Sandi Chapman had a vision for the new facility to house the Brain Performance Institute, and Page made it a reality. She is the founding director of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas and was certain the design of the institute could support its mission to improve brain function in healthy people and treat brain-based conditions and disorders. The project has received media coverage since it broke ground, and now architectural critic Mark Lamster shares his viewpoint in Architectural Record magazine.

Dr. Chapman and Page conceived of a structure intentionally shaped like the human brain’s frontal lobe. “This is the very front part of our brain that makes us different from every other living thing,” explains Chapman. “Architecturally, we created what we stand for.” Each space was deliberately designed to appeal to different user groups, some of whom like those who undergo executive leadership training want to be wowed, and others who prefer more confined spaces with distinct entries and exits.

The Brain Performance Institute is an example of Page’s promise of design that makes lives better. To read Mark Lamster’s critique in Architectural Record, click here.