Architectural Boat Tour

Page Associate Elena Cutshall serves at the CREW Austin Secretary. This fall, she organized the first annual CREW Austin and AIA Austin Architectural Boat Tour. The event, which kicked off with a rainbow over the downtown Austin skyline, featured buildings visible from the water between the Lamar and IH-35 bridges. The discussion of the buildings celebrated team members involved in their design and construction. As president of AIA Austin, Page Principal Wendy Dunnam Tita served as one of the speakers during the tour.

For Elena it was important to feature the people and the architecture. “The event celebrated individuals who worked to build the fabric of downtown,” she says. “We were able to connect buildings with faces and the names of people and companies. It was a huge success and we’re looking forward to next year.”

Page Designer Julie Pizzo designed the map and Pagers Cristina Diodati, Marie Frankie and Chris Kinkaid all worked on the collateral assembly and banners for the event.