Advocates for Architecture Day 2015

Architecture matters – and so do architects. We develop successful urban planning initiatives, build quality state/municipal/public school buildings, and design healthy communities. So if you're actively interested in the health of your community, you'll understand why firms like Page took the time to send staff to join the Texas Society of Architects (TxA) and state chapters of AIA at the Capitol in Austin yesterday to meet with newly-elected legislators and resume conversations with those already in office.

At the speed at which Texas cities are growing, it’s critical we ensure our state has the regulatory framework and support to create and maintain all this infrastructure. By making informed choices today, our elected officials have the ability to assure the creation of safe, beautiful and sustainable environments. It’s our responsibility as an industry to make them aware of this and provide the information they need.

In the literature that TxA created for legislators, they explained what an architect does. They followed some of Page Senior Principal Larry Speck's Ten Cardinal Rules for Talking to Non-Architects About Architecture by reminding their audience that they actually have extensive experience with architecture since people spend 90% of their time indoors. Establishing that common ground helps shift the way people think about what they are hearing when architects speak.

Projects from around the state were included in the literature to illustrate TxA's points, including the Buffalo Bayou Park redevelopment on which Page is collaborating with SWA Group. So the next time you see or hear about proposed projects or new construction, remember that architects everywhere are striving to produce places and spaces that ensure the health, safety and welfare of us all.