AIA Fellowship & Storytelling

As part of the 2018 AIA Austin Women in Architecture (WiA) Dinner Series, Page Principal Wendy Dunnam Tita and Associate Principal Megan McCoy recently joined Donna Carter, Emily Little, Maggie McIntosh and Canan Yetmen in an informal discussion about the value of pursuing AIA fellowship. The conversation focused on the significance of being a fellow and how all architects can go about shaping the stories of their work in preparation for fellowship applications.

Wendy was inducted into the AIA College of Fellows earlier this year. Donna Carter and Emily Little are both fellows as well. Canan Yetmen is an Austin-based consultant who helps architects across the nation through the fellowship application process. Donna, Emily and Wendy all described their personal stories and how fellowship had impacted their careers. They also emphasized that they continue to ask themselves why being architects enriches them and how they can bring value to the profession.

Contextualizing and illustrating the significance of one’s work were noted as essential to narrating a career trajectory. “You have to give what you do meaning and tell that story to the jury,” said Canan. “How does your work contribute to the profession? What is the larger picture? What value do you ascribe to what you do?”

Megan and Maggie are co-chairs of the organizing committee and were pleased with the dialogue between the panel members and how engaging it was for the audience. “Our speakers were such accessible and humble examples of successful architects,” she said. “We appreciate everyone’s participation and hope to continue discussions about why architecture matters and how we can tell our own stories as professionals.”