A Long Time Coming, A Short Wait to Go

The University of Houston publishes an alumni magazine quarterly but just released a special issue about the soon-to-open football stadium. An entire section of the feature article is given to the design of the stadium, starting with Page's name. These paragraphs, titled A Stadium with a View, share that:

Designed by Page and DLR Group, the 40,000-seat new stadium is being built by Manhattan Construction on the same site as Robertson Stadium, but fans will notice a different alignment. The new stadium will be turned approximately 90 degrees from Robertson Stadium, giving an east-to-west orientation. It still will provide fans in the stands and those watching on television a spectacular view of the downtown Houston skyline. 

That's only the beginning of the amenities offered. A 12,400-square-foot club area will overlook the field at the concourse level on the south side, providing fans with first-class hospitality and premium food and drinks. 

On the field, Houston Football's student-athletes will enjoy all the benefits of home. The Cougars will compete on a state-of-the-art synthetic turf designed to host a variety of events throughout the year and dress in a luxurious, 5,000-square-foot locker room in the southeast corner of the stadium. 

It's not just Houston Football and Athletics that will benefit. The 39,000-square-foot Bert F. Winston Band and Performance Center will be built on the east end, housing the Spirit of Houston Band Recital Halls, classroom spaces and a gallery multi-purpose area. 

To view the article in full and the remainder of the special issue, contact the University of Houston. 

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Jeff Conrad, University of Houston Alumni Magazine