A Crimson O

A spindly cactus-like plant native to the Southwest Region of the United States, the ocotillo blossoms with crimson flowers after spring storms. It is sparse, simple and provides a dramatic focal point in a desert landscape.

A new residential development on the edge of South Austin adopted the name Ocotillo and engaged Page/Dyal Branding and Graphics to establish a brand identity supported by wayfinding and specialty graphics. Placemaking and experiential graphics were part of the scope for our team, and the designers created an immersive experience ranging from the website to the pink neon sign in the mid-century-inspired leasing office.

As part of the graphics package, the two-color silkscreen poster with the name ocotillo captures the ultimate goal of the brand; it is simple and straightforward with a graphic punch that stands out in the landscape, much like the ocotillo in bloom.

Graphis, a leading international design publication that recognizes compelling design work in the fields of graphic design, advertising, photography and art/illustration recently honored the poster with a 2018 Merit Award in its annual poster competition. 

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